Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Kessa & Grant

I am by no means a wedding photographer. Let me just start with that. But when one of your best friends asks you JUST the right way to come out of "wedding retirement" (not sure a few weddings classifies me as a retired wedding photographer--maybe just a focused family/children/newborn one?), you sometimes say yes. 

That little caveat aside, I was totally honored and thrilled to be a part of Kessa and Grant's special day. From Kessa's relaxed, calm demeanor to the goofy antics of the groomsmen, the entire wedding went off without a hitch. And that is saying A LOT. Kessa recruited many of us "rookies" to take part in their day--the caterer, minister, last-minute ceremony coordinator (my husband!)--all were friends with different skills and talents, each contributing to the day. And it was beautiful. Delicious. Perfectly said. And SO much fun. 

Congrats again, Mr. and Mrs. McNaught!! We love you both.